Health of Women

Women are regarded as the backbone of the society. She has to play different roles like – daughter, wife, mother, grandmother etc. In midst of all these roles, she forgets her own identity. She forgets to take care of herself. The family and the society are too selfish in only extracting from her and not giving her back anything. Today’s women are not only confined to home. She has to balance both home and work front. It is said that a woman who ‘rocks the cradle rules the world’. She is a multitasker.

There is a saying that ‘Health is wealth’. But the question is – Are our women looking after their health? The answer is NO. The urban women though conscious but is still unable to look after her health because of multitasking activities. The rural women is illiterate, weak (as per societal norms) and neglected forever. She manages her family, cooks their meal but always cannot arrange for her own. The family remains indifferent. It is not only a social problem. The main cause behind this is poor economic status. They suffer from chronic energy deficiency. India is among the highest number of cases of anemia and the reason is high cost of health facility, poor food quality and low status of women. Social restriction on women mobility also contribute for lesser healthcare for women. Women health tends to be narrowly viewed as reproductive health whereas other factors are not considered.